Video content marketing is the most fantastic marketing strategy

for your company's growth

for several reasons:

65% of people are visual learners which means that video is the most potent content medium for you to connect with your ideal clients and stand out from your competition.

Video can help improve your website’s ranking on search engines results pages such as Google. 

Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

According to Cisco, 81% of consumer internet

traffic in 2021 comes from internet video traffic.


We dedicate ourselves delivering you a wonderful experience.

1. Marketing Research

Marketing research is the basis of your content creation.


Here is what we do during this step:

  • we define your target market

  • we research the competition in your industry

  • we collect all data we need to develop a good plan which is the next step for your to stand out and gain leads organically. 

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Here is our team in action shooting a commercial for Team Kerr.


Taayla Mark
CEO of Engrace Financial Solutions

I've been working with Doc ME on my YouTube channel videos series.  Sarah Lipi is so creative and professional in helping me develop these videos that blown me away by the results. In our first effort together, we finished 11 videos and we did it all (all as in from an idea to video) in 2 months; it was a miracle!!! Now we are working on our third season and I am so excited to continue working with Sarah and her team at DocMe. I lean heavily on her creative ideas and expertise and I am confident that our videos will change how financial planning is applied for individuals and families.


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